Real Estate Staging

Staging is Marketing, not decorating...

Staging is a marketing strategy you employ to protect your list price, and increase your chances of selling sooner, rather than later. Unless you are selling your home "as is," your property will benefit from professional staging guidance and service. Professional Staging is an art and a science. It's much more than just "cleaning and decluttering." We assess every space in a property and recommend or employ creative, design-specific techniques to accentuate the best features of your home as well as direct attention away from less desirable elements. We will recommend changes that will help you get every dollar of equity out of your home in the shortest timeframe possible. No internet checklist, You-Tube video or HGTV program will do what we can do for you -€“ give personalized, constructive feedback and reasoning for what is specifically needed to prepare your home for sale, and compete with other homes in your price range.

For Realtors®

If you are a Realtor®, you may currently be providing your seller with general advice about the importance of de-cluttering, cleaning and painting the house. Of course this advice is helpful, however, some seller€™s can become very defensive and perceive your €œhelpful tips€ as unwelcome judgment about their current lifestyle, decor and housekeeping choices. Additionally, can you confidently recommend new paint colors, specific updates/upgrades, what furnishings need to be edited, and how each room should be styled for the MLS photography? Some homes NEED more than just cleaning and decluttering. We will convey this feedback with respect and diplomacy to your seller in specific, non-judgmental terms. 

Breakfast Room, Occupied Staging

Breakfast Room, Occupied Staging

Occupied Home Consultation

 2-4 Hour Service:  Our exterior and interior tour of your home will include an on-site list of recommendations regarding how to prepare your home for sale. During the consultation, we will identify items that should be edited, updated, repaired, painted, or added to make your property more marketable. We will help you understand what the buyers in your target demographic want, and expect, of a home in your price range. This service is focused on making it easier for you to complete the staging on your own.

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Consultation & "Speed Staging"

A Half Day Service:  After a walk-thru of all interiors spaces, and in conjunction with you, we will identify 2-3 priority rooms and help you edit small furnishings and decor, adjust your space plans to open traffic patterns/make the rooms feel more spacious, and perform minor styling in spaces that present the greatest challenges to your staging. We'll make a "to-do" list for you which will include new paint colors, update/upgrade suggestions, further furniture or decor editing tasks, and a list of additional items you may need to enhance the staging on your own. Special emphasis is placed on helping you balance your current lifestyle needs with the need to create a market-ready product your Realtor can aggressively list and sell.

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Priority Room/Whole Home Staging

A Half or Full Day Service:  After our first visit, and after you have completed the pre-staging work we identified in your consultation, we will return to your home for a half or full day to hands-on stage 4 priority rooms, or your entire home, utilizing your existing furnishings/decor, and any additional items we may have recommended during your consultation. This premium service is conducted just prior to the professional MLS photography your Realtor will schedule. A custom "Showing Checklist" will be provided to make the process of preparing for an Open House or showing, easier. Special emphasis is placed on helping you balance your current lifestyle needs with the need to maintain your staged rooms so your Realtor can aggressively market it, show it, and sell it.

Staging Shopping & Sourcing Services

An Hourly Service with Priority/Whole Home Staging:  If you don'€™t have the time or desire, we will shop for the hard or soft furnishings you need to make your property buyer and photo ready.

There is NO comparison in how a home will sell for more, and will sell in a more timely manner, than when Jill has staged the home. She has exquisite taste. She is an expert in color, has wonderful vendors to recommend to homeowners, and I have never met anyone who works harder. Her demeanor with my clients is wonderful. She is patient, she is kind, she never pushes too hard if there is an objection. Jill has become an integral part of my marketing plan. I will not list a home without her thoughtful staging. I highly recommend her to all my clients.
— MaryLou Buckley, Realtor®, Dir. of Agent Development & Training, CocoEarly & Associates, Salem, NH